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Susan Bryant - 
Broker/President - NMLS # 221080

Susan grew up in Houston, Texas. She attended the University of Houston where she studied accounting. She moved to Trinity in 1996. She loves the peaceful setting of country living.

Susan  became a licensed mortgage broker in 2000 and started her own mortgage company in 2001. Living in East Texas has given her the upper hand on rural home loans. She understands the uniqueness of rural properties and the issues that can come up in underwriting. Susan has spent years developing strong relationships with underwriters in regards to rural home loans. She believes this is a huge advantage for her clients.

Susan  strongly believes in customer service. She knows that the only difference between TMC Home Loans and another mortgage company is how she treats her clients. Susan will walk each client through the mortgage process making sure they are comfortable and knowledgeable about what type of loan they have, how much they need to bring to closing and what their monthly payment is.

Courtney Luper -  Loan Officer/Processing Manager - NMLS # 221081

Courtney grew up in Huntsville, Texas. She graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2005 with a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture. She loves the small town setting of Huntsville where her and her husband, John, are raising their daughter, Campbell.

Courtney started working for TMC Home Loans in the fall of 2001. She became a licensed loan originator in the spring of 2002. She is the loan officer and processing manager for TMC Home Loans. Courtney loves building a personal relationship with each client. As the processing manager she prides herself on submitting a complete and accurate file to underwriting.

Courtney attends most of TMC Home Loans closings. She enjoys seeing our happy homeowners’ dreams come true of home ownership.

Whitney Campbell -  Sales/Marketing

Whitney grew up in Huntsville, Texas. She graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2008 with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Banking and Finance. Whitney has 8 years of hometown banking experience. She started working at TMC Home Loans in the fall of 2012. She delivers updated loan guidelines to local realtors and helps in the office whenever necessary.

Contact Information

Equal Housing Lender
NMLS # 319059
1091 FM 356, Trinity Tx 75862
Phone: 936.594.2496

Fax: 936.594.7947

TMC Home Loans is Licensed to Originate Mortgages in Texas.

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